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Love is the death of duty


If you have to ask, you’ll never know. If you know, you need only ask.

Well, there is one church I’m thinking of painting when the weather is right.

maisiewilliams and anonymous asked: arya stark + winter colors


  “Do you know what it is like to be sold, squire? I do. My brother sold me to Khal Drogo for the promise of a golden crown. Well, Drogo crowned him in gold, though not as he had wished, and I…my sun-and-stars made a queen of me, but if he had been a different man, it might have been much otherwise. Do you think I have forgotten how it felt to be afraid?”

To be honest, I don’t think there’s any other show like ‘Doctor Who’ at all.


Have you ever wanted to work on a project together?

"My Dad has always said: ‘You don’t want to play a Bond girl. You want to play a villain.’